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Mission Statement

Our mission at Unified Global Archiving is unequivocal:  We provide comprehensive unified data archive solutions and services for our enterprise customers - and we do it better than anyone else in the world.

Unified Global Archiving   I   License.  Build.  Acquire.


Although UGA is a new association, it possesses a rich history.  Over the past 5 years, the foundation of UGA has been laid by Capax Discovery to create incredible value as the world’s premier enterprise data archiving provider.  


We began laying the foundation for Unified Global Archiving in 2014 by securing the exclusive rights in perpetuity to the premier archiving solutions EAS, CAMM, and NearPoint.  By the Fall of 2016, we were also able to acquire the exclusive HPCA license in perpetuity.

Capax EAS, PremCloud, Sceven, and Data Detect

With our new alignment, UGA is now fully loaded, fully enabled, and fully empowered with a remarkable array of data archiving products, tools, software, solutions, and services.  With Capax EAS as our foundation, we have assembled the premier archive solutions and services in the world. Add in our Azure and forthcoming AWS cloud-hosted EAS 10.0 to our remarkable lineup - and UGA really covers all the bases for an exploding and ravenous data market.  Along with our industry-leading on-premise archiving solutions, no one else has been able to create an adaptive hosting solution quite like our PremCloud Hosting Services [not to mention our full spectrum of PremCloud Professional and Managed Services].  


The future for data archiving is nothing short of remarkable.  In this market, we may not be the biggest player, but for our worldwide customer base, we’ve become the market leader by offering Capax EAS, PremCloud Services, Sceven Software Development, and Data Detect [our new data identification, classification, and disposition solution].

   ---   John Baiocco, Managing Partner


These combined resources enable UGA to deliver the most ascendant solutions and services for the demands of secure and compliant data archiving [which is increasingly required by all global enterprises and government institutions as they deal with the enormous explosion of data custody litigation, laws, and regulations]. 


Simply put, Unified Global Archiving is now clearly the premier full-solution data archiving provider in the world.


UGA is the industry leader in providing data archiving, information management, discovery, and compliance solutions for litigation and international regulatory requirements.   

   ---   JJ Contessa, UGA Chief Products Officer

Capax EAS

Our EAS archive solutions target, unify, organize, and move big data that is no longer actively used to a securely managed archive for long-term retention, unified access, and maximum future utilization.  This unified archived data consists of older data that is still important to our customers and may be needed for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance [such as the new GDPR regulations], litigation support, tax support, etc.  Our data archives are indexed and have search capabilities so messages, files, and segments of files can be easily located and retrieved.  

PremCloud Services

Our evolving PremCloud Services include [but are not limited to] professional services, maintenance & support, managed services, hosted services, and the software and SaaS services by Sceven. 


Going forward, our UGA Solutions Powered by PremCloud will be available to operate in a variety of environments.  Initially, our focus will be on deployment in all of the major clouds like Azure, AWS, Google, etc., as well as our own PremCloud - along with all of the on-premise deployments the majority of our customers now utilize.  


Data Detect

Data Detect is our new premier solution for capturing, cleaning, managing, and providing access to all of our customer’s dark data [providing a consistent, defensible manner in which to apply critical compliance, purge, or retention decisions].  Data Detect enables organizations to move and analyze data from anywhere to anywhere, with Data Detect acting as the data police in between.  


Sceven Software Development

First and foremost, Sceven is a software development company that builds flexible and reliable data management and archive solutions that seamlessly enable our UGA customers to store, secure, manage, discover, and analyze critical business information while providing easy and intuitive access for end-users. 

Data Ingestion and Transformation

As the world's premier data archivists, we help ensure maximum data value.  Basically, there are four components to creating maximum data value:  the ingestion and transformation of the data, the archiving of the data, the accessible search of the data, and the utilization of the data.  At Unified Global Archiving, we focus our market-leading development on the first three critical components, while remaining the go-to solution for other providers who help to activate the unlimited utilization and potential of our customer's archived data.


Effective data management all begins with the precise ingestion and transformation of the targeted data.  The old computer adage of garbage in - garbage out couldn’t apply more than it does for data aggregation.  Another old adage 'cleanliness is next to godliness' also holds true for data aggregation. At UGA, we continue to skillfully develop the essential tools necessary to capture, migrate, and clean all types of structured, unstructured, and dark data. 

   ---   Max Downing, UGA SAM

Unified Global Archiving not only has the finest tools to capture and migrate all of the targeted data, but we are uniquely prepared to detect, correct, or remove all of the incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or, most importantly, irrelevant parts of the data [also referred to as ROT - redundant, obsolete and trivial data].  The inconsistencies detected or removed may have been originally caused by user entry errors or by corruption in transmission or storage, but Unified Global Archiving makes certain that the data we archive and unify for our clients is both essential and error-proof. 


Secure Data Archiving

Our mission at Unified Global Archiving is unequivocal:  We provide comprehensive unified data archiving services for our enterprise clients - and we do it better than anyone else in the world.  And, now with the introduction of our new EAS O-Bridge, Unified Global Archiving is also the industry leader in Microsoft Office 365 integration – with our ‘first of its kind’ bi-directional integration that delivers evolved control, governance, and value.


Simply put, our PremCloud Archive Solutions target, unify, organize, and move big data that is no longer actively used to a securely managed archive for long-term retention, unified access, and maximum future utilization.  


This unified archived data consists of older data that is still important to our clients and may be needed for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance [such as the new GDPR regulations], litigation support, tax support, etc.   Our data archives are indexed and have search capabilities so files and segments of files can be easily located and retrieved.  

While UGA is universally regarded as the industry leader in providing archiving, information management, discovery, and compliance solutions for litigation, regulatory, and GDPR requirements - our mission, our identity, our focus, and our resources are all focused on providing the world’s foremost integrated archiving solutions.  Our PremCloud Archiving Solutions powered by our PremCloud Services have positioned us as the world leader in enterprise data archiving.

   ---   Peter Mellett, PremCloud President 


The value of archiving data is becoming more and more apparent to the modern enterprise.  What is relevant data to our clients today is limited to what they can process effectively with the speed and agility their current computing prowess; but, eventually, Quantum computing will be able to make remarkable and productive use of massive amounts of data - data that we are archiving for our customers for future utilization.  Much of the remarkable data utilization that the future promises will be provided by the best-of-class solutions and apps available in our forthcoming PremCloud App Store.


PremCloud Adaptive Hosting

At Unified Global Archiving, we have eliminated the disadvantage of having to choose between on-premise or hosted data archiving by presenting a more nimble paradigm for the location of our customer’s data.  Our international customer’s data storage needs can no longer be satisfied by the limitation of simply choosing between a hosted or on-premise solution - there is a need for a more adaptable hosting alternative, and that solution is in our PremCloud.  


Our advanced PremCloud Hosting perspective speaks directly to the strategic versatility of our hosting alternatives for EAS along with the appropriate PremCloud Managed Services that we can now provide our customers [especially our multinational customers].  Whether it is in our customer’s own data center, a data center we provide and manage for them, or a fully hosted presence in one of our PremCloud Data Centers - we can now offer our customers the most advantageous residence of their data based on a number of criteria specific to the countries or regions they are operating in.


GDPR Solution

Every multinational enterprise is bound to have a variety of native domicile conditions and data custody laws [such as GDPR] to deal with:  Sovereignty, dominion, residency, accessibility, laws, restrictions, custody, compliance, costs, risk, intellectual resources, security, safety, and manageability undoubtedly differ in each worldwide location.  If our customer is an international enterprise, they will unquestionably require different hosting environments for their archived data.  For example, if they are based in the EU, they may want to host their data in their own data center and have us provide the appropriate managed services for our EAS solution, while for their operations in Hong Kong, they may want us to host it for them.  And if they operate in Canada, they may want to host it in their own leased data center environment, but have us fully manage it.  And on and on ...  

The key is that our customers always truly own their data - while they can rely on us for the security, management, and administrative optic that our market-leading PremCloud-based solutions provide for all instances and locations. 


The new PremCloud Total Access administrative optic with CISO Sentinel allows UGA's customers total access to their data, as well as the governance of the entire processing of data coming in and going out of their archiving vault.  This allows for not only a better administrative optic, but it also allows for the more robust use of their valuable archived data for a limitless amount of utilization.

   ---   Steve Grogan, c1Secure


PremCloud App Store

The variety of applications that are available in the PremCloud start with EAS 9.0, EAS 10.0, Data Detect 1.0, CISO Sentinel, EAS Discovery, EAS Mobile, EAS Anywhere, EAS Storage Manager, EAS Supervisor, etc.  As we continue to build out our PremCloud Services, we will be certifying more and more applications to thrive in our PremCloud driven environment. 


For more information, contact us at 973.401.0660.

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