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With our new Cloud Archiving, Unified Global Archiving has eliminated the disadvantage of having to choose between on-premise or hosted data by presenting a more nimble paradigm for the location of your data and the software solutions we offer.  


Our advanced PremCloud Archiving perspective speaks directly to the strategic versatility of our hosting alternatives that we can now provide our customers [especially our multinational customers].


Your data storage needs can no longer be satisfied by the limitation of simply choosing between a hosted or on-premise solution - there is a need for a more adaptable hosting alternative, and that solution is with our PremCloud Archiving.  

Every multinational enterprise is bound to have a variety of native domicile conditions to deal with.  Sovereignty, dominion, residency, accessibility, laws, restrictions, custody, compliance, costs, risk, intellectual resources, security, safety, and manageability will undoubtedly differ in each location.  If you are an international enterprise, in Germany, you may want to host your data in your own data center and have us provide the appropriate managed services for our EAS 10.0, while in Hong Kong, you may want us to host it for you as well.  And in Canada, you may want to host it, but have us fully manage it.  And on and on ...  

And what EAS 10.0 and our newest apps can do with data for our enterprise customers is truly magic - and that magic starts with PremCloud Archiving.

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