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Data Detect is our premier solution for capturing, cleaning, managing, and providing access to all of our customer’s dark data [providing a consistent, defensible manner in which to apply critical compliance, purge, or retain decisions].

Is Your Enterprise Actually “Data-Driven?” 
In today’s information age, it is indisputable that data should be treated as a financial asset.  In a recent survey of 1,300 business and IT leaders within multiple industry verticals across the globe,  76% of respondents agreed that organizations that best leverage data will win in the marketplace.  However, many fail to properly assess or understand their enterprises' dark data.  Globally, 60% of companies consider at least 50% or more of their enterprise data to be “dark” and a lack of capability to properly assess and understand these massive data sets not only means these enterprises are not tapping into this asset’s inherent value, but it also means they lack an understanding of the costs and potential risks this data can pose to their business.  As unstructured data will become even more essential to drive forward important business objectives, such as developing AI solutions, the time is now to begin understanding and making decisions about your data. 

The advent of data breaches and data subject rights has brought along significant data privacy regulations such as GDPR & CCPA, which have given regulators authority to fine business millions for data impropriety.  In addition to these potential fines and penalties, the obligation to fulfill data subject access requests [DSARs] creates an operational burden to identify, cleanse, and produce data on-demand to consumers and ex-employees, and many organizations simply lack the capability to meet this demand with any degree of operational efficiency.  All the while, enterprise data is doubling every two years, meaning that organizations that fail to take control of this data explosion now will only make things more complex and difficult for themselves down the road. 

Data Detect will be the catalyst for your business’s ability to meet these data compliance demands by shining a light on your dark data, and allowing you to search, discover, and govern that data to meet business objectives, address the operational burdens of data compliance obligations, and truly transform your dark data into a competitive advantage, rather than an underutilized asset.  Here are the top six ways customers today are leveraging Data Detect to unleash the power of their enterprise data…

Compliance Data Remediation & Assessment 
New data compliance mandates such as GDPR promote data minimization, and industry experts estimate that roughly 70-80% of enterprise dark data is redundant, obsolete, or trivial - so why assume the risk, effort, and burden required to store and maintain it?  With Data Detect, we offer a wide range of value-added programs - Data Assessment, Data Privacy, Data Remediation, & Data Identity and Profiling - meaning that no matter your requirements or objectives, we provide the right mix of technology and collaborative expertise to make your dark data dreams a reality, and prevent data headaches from ever complicating your day. 

Pre-Migration Data Cleansing
When you move from one home to another, you always take time to get rid of the junk - so why would you not do this when moving from on-premises to the cloud?  Intelligently reducing the amount of data you migrate is the most expedient, cost-effective, and secure means of adopting cloud-based technologies, and Data Detect allows you to do so with confidence by allowing you to identify and delete irrelevant or unwanted data from your migration strategy, especially for those who want to migrate to Microsoft Azure and 365.  If you are migrating to 365, call us today for a free migration planning workshop to see how Data Detect will accelerate your migration to the cloud. 

Streamlined Contract Compliance Review & Salesforce Connector
Coupled with the Salesforce Connector capabilities provided by our PremCloud Connect, Data Detect is uniquely equipped to provide an optic and analytics into the entirety of your organization’s contractual terms and obligations.  By providing customizable profiling, dashboards, and federated keyword search across all contracts or sales agreements, Data Detect has helped our customers to identify areas of data privacy and other business risks which they were unaware of and empowered their compliance teams to take corrective action. 

Artificial Intelligence & Data Monetization 
The development of proprietary AI solutions is already helping thousands of businesses improve their decision making and process efficiency, yet only 12% of enterprises today are using AI to help guide business strategy.  For the vast majority of businesses who have yet to begin their AI journey, ensuring that you have quality data sets to build logic and influence decision making will dictate your success [or lack thereof] from Day One of your AI journey onward.  By performing analytics and delivering capability to collect only the most relevant content for AI projects, Data Detect helps development teams build AI solutions with confidence, by knowing that only the most accurate and sophisticated data will influence their AI’s decision making. In doing so, Data Detect will improve your organization’s business outcomes, and overall capability to monetize your dark data.

eDiscovery, DSAR Fulfillment, and Actionable Enterprise Search 
With decades of experience supporting enterprise eDiscovery and search with our world-class EAS archive, UGA is a market-leader in eDiscovery, and we have applied that expertise to Data Detect, while also allowing you to immediately act on that data by deleting, encrypting, or copying to a secure location.  With Data Detect’s actionable eDiscovery, organizations have been able to reduce their data collection, file discovery, and DSAR fulfillment processing timelines from days to hours, allowing them to spend more time and money analyzing data, building winning cases, and fulfilling data requests instead of just collecting information. 

Mergers and Acquisitions - Data Mapping & Profiling 
When companies undergo M&A activity, they are also acquiring a wealth of new data and need to make decisions on how to best consolidate applications and the information within them.  By illuminating the data worth keeping, and providing the actionable capability required to consolidate the data estate, Data Detect helps to streamline the integration of systems and information, while paving the way for efficient, intelligent, and compliant retirement of legacy applications.  

This is also extremely important during the due diligence process, as unknown risks and problems may lie within the dark data of the company you are acquiring or merging with.  Via its sophisticated blend of rapid search and data analytics capabilities, Data Detect can quickly call attention to potential areas of undue risk, and call attention to potential issues before they become major business problems and headaches. 

How Do I Get Started?
34% of organizations polled cited a lack of resources and relevant skill sets, and 23% of respondents cited lack of control over data-generation, as significant obstacles to them acting upon their dark data.  By profiling, assessing, and presenting your dark data in customizable formats and analytics dashboards Data Detect provides the insights, confidence, and capability your enterprise needs to get started on your data-driven journey.  As users rapidly search and identify dark data relevant to their job or task, they can quickly move, copy, or delete that data, and do so with confidence as Data Detect is powered by PremCloud, the data consultants and technical advisors who add value by providing guidance and confidence every step of the way.  By combining the capabilities of Data Detect with this boutique, consultative approach, we collaborate with you to establish a path to data dominance rather than a point-in-time assessment activity.

Data Detect 1.0
Shine a light on your dark, structured, and unstructured data repositories with our all-new, lightning-fast Data Detect.


Data Detect is the latest application Unified Global Archiving is introducing to the marketplace, expanding the scope of our information governance solutions.  Data detect enables organizations to understand, gain control, and manage their ever-expanding unstructured data repositories.  Data Detect provides an in-depth analysis that will be performed on repositories targeted by Data Detect, producing a rich inventory, classification, and data lineage of your organization's data.  This platform can scale to interrogate 100’s of TB’s to PB’s of data.  Data Detect will be delivered as a software platform and complemented by PremCloud Services.  It will be priced based on data volume being interrogated. 



  • Gain comprehensive visibility into all of your enterprise-wide data repositories to find your business-critical information with our user-friendly interface.

  • Identify and eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial Data [ROT] to increase the value of your data for long-term retention.

  • Locate all Personally Identifiable Information [PII] in your IT landscape to comply with Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs] under GDPR.

  • Enhance the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives with higher quality data sets containing more relevant information.

Data Detect is the premier solution for capturing, cleaning, managing, and providing access to all of your dark data [providing a consistent, defensible manner in which to apply critical compliance, purge, or retain decisions].

Data Detect enables organizations to move and analyze data from anywhere to anywhere, with Data Detect acting as the ‘data police’ in between.  Whether our customers are simply managing their corporate data responsibly, going to the cloud, complying with GDPR data privacy regulations, or merging with another company, Data Detect provides the capability to locate, identify, categorize, and properly manage the dark data scattered throughout their organization.

Our customers can use Data Detect to:

  • Prevent confidential information from leaving their organization

  • Analyze the available data before taking on someone else’s risk

  • Compare to their client list and pull back anything sensitive to a known controlled location

  • Comply with GDPR’s Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs]

Data Detect uses groundbreaking technology to enable organizations to locate, analyze, and most importantly, take prompt action on their oceans of unstructured data.  Data Detect powers an effective information governance strategy with a customizable dashboard that displays rule sets graphically so our customers see what data is affected by the rules they’re building, either enterprise-wide or repository-by-repository.

Trainable clustering technology speeds the identification of similar documents for defensibly applying retention and deletion policies en masse.  Policies are actionable, following flexible workflows for proper data management, moving information to our customer’s location of record while applying appropriate retention rules.  Consistent policy application with detailed reporting provides the additional defensibility and confidence in their deletion and purging activities.  Once a policy is applied, data can be purged or held in place, or be moved/copied to the cloud, to a more secure location like our EAS archive with its fine-tuned retention controls, or to any other location you need.  Our customers have complete control over data location and retention.

An ever-changing regulatory landscape has created challenges for executives that require access to robust data analytics that they have confidence in.  Regulations such as GDPR continue to change the way enterprises respond to their data needs, making it difficult to manage, secure and provide privileged access to data.  Merger and acquisition activity exposes an organization to absorbing ROT [redundant, obsolete or trivial] data, taking on unnecessary risk.  Enterprise businesses not only face the challenge of processing, analyzing and acting upon their data but ensuring it maintains privacy and appropriate security of the data.  Non-compliance bears a heavy consequence, and we are prepared to equip our customers with the peace of mind and a streamlined process to eliminate their exposure to risk.

We have built a groundbreaking tool to discover, understand, and take action on your data.  Each technological advancement produces more data that must be handled in some way or another.  Data Detect provides critical visibility and understanding to enterprises’ most important asset, their data.  Intuitive dashboards provide executives with key insights into their data landscape, such as ROT analysis, instances of PII [or other sensitive data types], and Privacy compliance posture.  GDPR requirements stretch beyond data retention, emphasizing the importance of data minimization.  Data Detect can help enterprises understand not only the data that they have captured via retention policies but the dark data that exists in their environment that they previously had limited to no awareness of.  Your enterprise resources will be rid of unnecessary information and you will have the assurance that your archive will exceed high-quality data standards.

Data Detect provides a graphical analysis of all documents, enabling end-users to seed the system to find like-documents for streamlined search.  Beyond the ability to locate and understand your data, Data Detect empowers end users with the ability to take action on their discovered data. Move your data to an alternative location, delete it, copy and quarantine it, or send it to your archive for preservation.  Data Detect can drive compliance by helping you identify unneeded information quickly and purge it flexibly, creating a complete audit trail of the data purged, for legal substantiation.

Data Detect can augment your eDiscovery process by providing a single tool to manage the complete lifecycle of your case data.  This revolutionary software has the ability to access multiple repositories simultaneously, with a single interface.  A key benefit of Data Detect is the fully integrated platform for the collection, identification, preservation, and management of your data, paired with the fast and complete analysis of all data, with inherent flexibility to apply deep indexing across hundreds of contents types.

UGA Data Detect allows you to discover, analyze, and act on your dark data. It’s time you take complete control over data location and retention, with UGA Data Detect. 

We created our remarkable DataDetect file analysis tool to empower our global customer base to take command and gain a greater understanding of the information that exists in their archives, network file shares, and other data repositories.  Data is doubling every two years, and the need to quickly identify and produce unstructured or ‘dark data,’ for legal and compliance requests has been exacerbated by the advent of new data privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and the California Consumer Protection Act [CCPA].


Data Detect Data Management Advisory Services
Once the initial review of the data is performed, data management and information governance leaders will be able to maximize Data Detect in the following use-cases:

  • Data Migrations.  Before migrating repositories containing unknown amounts of ROT to the cloud or to another destination, Data Detect ensures that organizations save money on hosting fees by migrating only business-critical data.

  • M&A Activity.  Data Detect assists in the due diligence process by providing visibility into the data being acquired to separate valuable information from ROT.

  • eDiscovery.  With dark data repositories containing unknown information, Data Detect acts as an eDiscovery tool to assist in the collection and culling down of data.

  • PII Detection.  As modern privacy regulations such as GDPR continue to evolve, Data Detect helps facilitate Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs] for compliance.


Alexis Pietraszkiewicz, Director


At Data Detect, we understand the complexity and implications of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, and we can provide our customers with the expertise, solutions, and guidance to ensure that their organization is in a complete state of readiness.


Note:  The General Data Protection Regulations, more commonly known as the GDPR, came into effect on May 25, 2018.  These wide-sweeping data privacy regulations established a new standard by which all companies operating within the European Union and companies that target EU consumers must comply to.  The goal of these mandates are to protect the data and privacy of data subjects [those subject to EU law].  For many EU and multinational companies, these new standards have put their data governance and compliance programs under the microscope to ensure they are compliant.  Failure to comply with these mandates can have irreparable reputational damages and substantial fines [a fine of up to €20 Million or 4% of global annual turnover].


At Data Detect, our team is ready to put our customers in a state of GDPR readiness, with the ability to confidently satisfy the mandates on a continuous basis.  With our Data Detect technology, we provide complete GDPR readiness by design with powerful identification, classification, and control capabilities that stratify hundreds of data and file types across the entire information landscape:


  • A powerful GDPR and PII management console with intuitive workflow: Data Detect provides executives with a singular dashboard to holistically manage an organization's data governance program.  The interactive dashboards allow for granular drill through for the necessary insights to make fast, accurate, and efficient decisions.  

  • Rapid and seamless response to data subject access requests: Data Detect provides a dedicated management console to manage the lifecycle of subject access requests [SAR]. From the logging of the request, collection of data, and fulfillment of completing subject access requests.  The ability to audit SAR’s, historical record tracking to demonstrate compliance, timely response [within 30 days], and confidence in the completeness of the SAR. 

  • Control across all data types within a single platform [email, files, IM, social media, SMS, etc.]: Our platform stratifies all data types, creating a single repository for data governance.  

  • Unparalleled scalability into the multi-petabyte range: Enterprise-level scalability to allow for organizations of any size and any data size quickly and efficiently run complete data analytics across the entire data landscape. 

  • Dark data penetration through powerful OCR and A/V transcription engines: A comprehensive set of tools to remediate the risks associated with dark data. Derive value from data that would otherwise be unavailable. 

  • Ability to handle non-standard data types: Dealing with legacy applications, databases, and other structured data types. Attach to those data sources, extract meaningful content, run analytics against this data, and manage for long term preservation. 


The bottom line goal of our GDPR program is to promote healthy maintenance of data environments with a proactive approach to managing files, which requires a full inventory of the totality and sensitivity of the data traversing an organization’s environment.  Once data is identified and classified, we will provide a continuous monitoring and governance program. This is exactly what Data Detect empowers organizations to do. 


At Data Detect, by partnering with PremCloud Services, we can provide our customers with the expertise, solutions, services, and guidance to ensure that their organization is in a complete state of GDPR readiness.

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