The Groundbreaking EAS 9.0 Release


The most advanced Enterprise Archiving Solution [EAS] ever.

For over 15 years, EAS has been trusted by enterprise customers in highly regulated and litigious industries to provide the secure archival of their data.  From its inception, EAS has been engineered to deliver high performance archival, providing enterprises with a single source of truth to store, manage, search, and eventually dispose of their data.  Built on a rich history with our international enterprise customers,


EAS has evolved to address the regulatory, compliance, and big data challenges modern enterprises face today while continuing to enhance our competitive advantage as the foremost archiving platform in the market today.                     


Recently, Unified Global Archiving released version 9.0 of EAS.  Fueled by instrumental feedback from our fully engaged customers, EAS 9.0 delivers its most advanced archival, enterprise search, and client access capabilities.                      


Microsoft Office 365

For starters, EAS 9.0 provides a number of critical enhancements to augment our customer’s experience going to and working within Microsoft Office 365 through our Microsoft O Companion technology.  Microsoft’s Office 365 has become ubiquitous across the enterprise, as there are now over 155 million Office 365 business users.  EAS 9.0 is a catalyst to our customer’s digital transformation, providing them with a means to seamlessly move their mailboxes to Office 365 without the added hassle of migrating legacy data or impacting their end-users during their transition from an on-premise exchange.


Microsoft Azure

EAS 9.0 continues to build upon our recognition and commitment to supporting Microsoft Office 365 as the leader in enterprise cloud computing and collaboration by adding key capabilities that enhance and augment the way our customers adopt and leverage Microsoft Azure services.  For those customers who would like to move their on-premise instance of EAS to Azure, EAS 9.0 readily supports this digital transformation effort. 


EAS can either be deployed in your Azure tenancy, our PremCloud Azure tenancy, or our private PremCloud.  Furthermore, EAS 9.0 supports the ability to write data directly to Azure Blob Storage repositories.  This capability is supported through EAS Storage Manager, thus enabling your enterprise to take advantage of inexpensive cloud-based storage and to transition your on-premise storage devices to Azure or Elastic Cloud Storage [ECS].  EAS 9.0 also provides support for Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, OWA, and Outlook 2019.  

In 2020, we are planning to further integrate EAS with the broader Microsoft ecosystem.  This includes leveraging Azure Web Services as well as the ability to authenticate with Azure Active Directory.  Furthermore, we will also introduce supportability for Azure SQL.  Azure SQL delivers a number of benefits, including built-in high availability by design, automated backup for simplified business continuity, and it is highly scalable. 

   ---   Ged Carr, Sceven Senior Developer     


An Enhanced EAS User Experience

Inspired by one of our AM Top 10 legal customer's feedback, we have made substantial enhancements to our EAS Discovery application.  The user interface and user experience have been improved to be more intuitive, as well as empowering end-users with more flexibility to modify various components of the application to their exact needs. 


Advanced Search Builder

Our most significant enhancement for EAS Discovery was the development of our Advanced Search Builder.  Developing complex search queries for critical internal and external legal matters requires domain expertise.  These queries are developed manually by litigation support specialists who understand the boolean search expression syntax.  Due to the manual nature and complexity of these search queries, they are prone to error and is often a source of frustration.  The EAS Discovery Advanced Search builder eliminates the complexity of developing complex boolean queries by providing an intuitive and simple to use a drop-down menu to build your search.  Once you input your key terms, the system will build the queries for you in the correct search syntax.  This enables non-eDiscovery experts to take control of the process and perform searches with confidence.  



In addition to the Advanced Search Builder, we have also added the ability to perform searches against an individual’s Outlook folder structure.  This provides those within your organization performing investigations an easy way to access client matter if your custodian has the content within specific folders, rather than having to search against the entire mailbox.  Furthermore, you can now perform exports by a custodian which retains the Outlook folder structure, which again makes it easier for your internal or external teams performing an upstream review to easily identify where the messages in question reside within the custodian's mailbox.  Should further review need to be performed, they can provide more prescriptive guidance on where to search, thus cutting down on your overall litigation process time and cost. 


To make the early case assessment review even easier, we have also added in “hit” highlighting to enable reviewers to easily identify where their key terms are present within the culled down data to confirm their relevancy. 


New EAS Mobile
EAS 9.0 also delivers brand new and improved applications for end-user access to the archive.  With more employees operating remotely and on the go, we recognized the importance of delivering the power of EAS to our customers no matter where they are. 


EAS Mobile, the first fit for purpose iOS and Android application, is now available to empower your end-users with fast access to their EAS archives from their mobile devices.                      

   ---   Trevor Berninger, UGA SAM

We will be working throughout 2020 to add in support for market-leading mobile device management platforms such as AirWatch, Mobile Iron, InTune, as well as BlackBerry Dynamics. 


EAS Anywhere

In addition to the mobile application, further enhancements were made to our EAS Anywhere web client.  This application was rebuilt from the ground up in our 8.0 release.  The EAS 9.0 release is our best version yet, providing a simple and slick user interface and improved user experience to enable end-users to search, preview, and download content from their archives secure and quickly.       


In summary, EAS 9.0 is the most advanced enterprise archive platform on the market.  When paired with our PremCloud Services and adaptive hosting capabilities, no other platform or service organization compares.  Our customers rely upon us to control one of the most complex challenges they have - managing their ever-growing volumes of data across countless applications and geographic locations [while also enabling them to comply with increasing prohibitive data privacy regulations].  EAS now delivers a single platform to preserve the entirety of your enterprise data for long term archival, lifecycle management, enterprise search, and supervision.

   ---   JJ Contessa, UGA Chief Products Officer

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