The Upcoming EAS 9.1 Release


Building on EAS 9.0

As the world’s foremost Data Archivists, Unified Global Archiving is committed to delivering the best of breed archiving solutions and services to our customers.  The demands of enterprise information archiving have become increasingly complex and expansive with enterprise data growth and global data regulations.  Our software development team, Sceven, has demonstrated our commitment to our customer’s enterprise archive needs by delivering at least two updates to EAS each year.  The latest major release, version 9.0, included a number of substantial benefits to our customers, and some of the more significant updates 9.0 delivered included:


  • EAS Mobile.  Our brand new mobile application for both iOS and Android users provides end-users with an additional means of accessing their personal archives on-the-go.

  • Advanced Search Builder.  While the search, review, and production components of EAS Discovery all received major enhancements, our Advanced Search Builder has put the eDiscovery responsibility back into the hands of legal experts.  With the Advanced Search Builder’s user-friendly nature, the non-IT user is now able to effectively execute discovery queries without any knowledge of EAS syntax.

  • Microsoft 2019.  As our focus with EAS has always been to augment the Microsoft Exchange experience, the 9.0 release provided our customers with integrations to the latest and greatest 2019 suite of Microsoft technologies.

Introducing EAS 9.1

In continuation of the market-leading advancements made to EAS 9.0, Sceven is proud to present 9.1 in response to further customer feedback and needs.  The EAS 9.1 release will include the following enhancements:

  • EAS Outlook Add-in for Mac OSX

  • EAS Mobile MDM Integrations

  • EAS Discovery Evolved Search and Production

  • Enterprise performance enhancements for EAS Anywhere UI, and Search 

EAS Outlook Add-in

For years, our most popular end-user access point into personal EAS archives has been our EAS Outlook Add-in for Windows.  Millions of end-users have enjoyed the granular search functionality allowing them to find specific archived content, all without having to leave Outlook.  To better serve the needs of their end-users, enterprises are providing personal computing flexibility by not only offering Windows PC’s but Mac OSX computers as well.  This change has called for new compatibility for EAS. With EAS 9.1, Mac users will be able to access their archives from Outlook and enjoy the same dynamic functionality they have relied on with their Windows-based machines.

EAS Mobile

With the first release of EAS Mobile as part of EAS 9.0, Sceven has continued to develop integrations with MDM solutions for both iOS and Android.  9.1 delivers an improved experience with enterprise MDM solutions AirWatch and MobileIron, allowing a greater number of organizations to leverage the power of EAS on their mobile devices.  Sceven will further integrate EAS with other MDM solutions, as we are committed to providing EAS’s unmatched search capabilities to users on-the-go.

EAS Discovery

As our industry-leading EAS Discovery has been one of EAS’s core competencies in the modern age of compliance and litigation support, our continued advancements to this application have been aimed at the mission to keep EAS Discovery at the helm of eDiscovery ECA solutions.  With 9.1, EAS Discovery delivers an improved search and production.  This includes per-custodian file browsing, allowing discovery administrators to browse a single user’s file folder structure, and it also provides greater control over the production granularity.


EAS Anywhere

With version 9.1, EAS Anywhere debuts an enhanced UI, with the most noticeable enhancement being an all-new global search.  Users are no longer required to open the advanced search window to input information in specific fields; rather, users can now input search criteria in a general search field that queries all elements of archived objects for more general results.  EAS Anywhere has kept its Advanced Search window for more specific searches, as there are instances where end-users would prefer to use one search field over the other.  Additionally, EAS Anywhere now supports file archives, allowing users to search and download file objects locally.


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