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EAS Enterprise Search was originally introduced through our EAS Outlook Add-in for Windows.  With changing trends in how enterprise users access their Exchange mailbox information, we delivered EAS Outlook Search to end-users leveraging Outlook Web App [OWA] in addition to Outlook for Mac.  With our enormous success helping millions of users find their personal information when they need it most, our Sceven development team worked tirelessly to introduce our web-based access portal, EAS Anywhere.


EAS Anywhere

EAS Anywhere is designed to provide end-users with a familiar email browsing experience, as it displays unique user folder structures and allows for user interface customization.  Users can choose between multiple pre-built UI layouts to determine their interface of preference for optimal enterprise search.  EAS Anywhere provides the same search granularity and accuracy end-users depend on with their EAS Outlook Add-in; however, EAS Anywhere allows increased mobility for personal archive access.  Users leveraging EAS Anywhere are able to access their archived content from any supported web browser on any device, and they can easily pinpoint find their most relevant data with the most reliable granular search available.


9.1 Release

With version 9.1, EAS Anywhere debuts an enhanced UI, with the most noticeable enhancement being an all-new global search.  Users are no longer required to open the advanced search window to input information in specific fields; rather, users can now input search criteria in a general search field that queries all elements of archived objects for more general results.  EAS Anywhere has kept its Advanced Search window for more specific searches, as there are instances where end-users would prefer to use one search field over the other.  Additionally, EAS Anywhere now supports file archives, allowing users to search and download file objects locally.

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