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EAS was originally introduced to the market as an Exchange storage solution, so enterprises could retain all of their historic email information and store it efficiently for future access.  As storage became less expensive and organizations held onto larger volumes of data throughout the 2000s, end-users needed a better means of pinpointing relevant data through the native Outlook Search.  With the evolving market need, EAS delivered Enterprise Search for end-users to rely upon through the EAS Outlook Add-in.  


EAS Outlook Add-in

Our Outlook Search Add-in has been the most popular mode of end-user access for millions of end-users to search their personal archives with extreme granularity.  EAS Outlook Search provides a means for performing searches on a variety of parameters including keywords from the body of messages, keywords from the subject line of messages, sender, receiver, attachment type, keywords from attached content, date ranges, and Outlook folders; furthermore, EAS Outlook Search also allows end-users to search all of their content types including files, social media, and instant messages, all from within the Outlook application. 


Modern Integrations

With changing technologies and modern means for accessing Exchange data, we have engineered the latest versions of EAS to support Outlook Web App [OWA] and Outlook for Mac.  With increased OSX integrations in the enterprise workplace and with end-user preferences shifting more toward web-based access to their Outlook content through OWA, EAS provides the world-class Outlook Search Add-in for both Outlook for Mac OSX as well as OWA.

Ongoing Development

With today’s mobile workforce demanding greater accessibility to their most valuable asset, their data, we are committed to providing end-users with streamlined access to their personal archives from anywhere, on any device.  Our software development division, Sceven, will continue to build on EAS’s rock-solid enterprise search foundation to deliver the world’s premier end-user search through all future releases.

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