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EAS Mobile was released in 2019 to deliver enterprises with expedient access to the power of their archived information through the convenience of their mobile device. 

Changes in Today’s Workforce

As the world has seen explosive growth in technological advancements over the past several years, modern technology has integrated and continues to integrate into standard workplace practices.  Employees are no longer tied down to the desktop in the office; rather, they use laptops on-the-go and often leverage their mobile devices to facilitate the use of work-related emails, instant messaging, and social media.  The smartphone era has increased expectations for the high availability of information, and the ability to have access to your most important data at your fingertips is now a necessity.


Increasing Trends in Mobile Dependency

According to the 2016 and 2018 Gartner Personal Technologies Survey, there was a 12% decrease in the respondents who considered the PC their main work device and an 18% increase in respondents who now consider the smartphone as their main device.  Overall, 28% of workers consider their smartphone as their go-to work device today, and this number is only growing. As millennials enter the workforce and rise through the ranks toward the executive level, demands for mobile phone compatibility for work-related activities will continue to increase.


In the 2018 study, the results show that employees leverage their smartphones for tasks beyond simple calls, messaging, and emails.  74% of workers perform a search on their smartphones for content or information, and 63% manage their daily scheduling through their smartphone calendar; furthermore, 55% use smartphones to view business documents, and 53% make work-related payments through the use of their smartphone.  


This widespread adoption of mobile technology as a valid business tool rather than a strict means of communication accentuates the increased need to provide employees with the proper devices and applications to promote peak performance.  In order to gain the necessary competitive advantage, there is now an apparent need for the seamless transition of work activities between desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in a device-agnostic experience. As the world's most valuable asset, data, doubles every two years, the ability to sift through your digital footprint at a moment’s notice to find the information you need is increasingly more valuable each day.  


EAS Answers the Call

Our latest EAS developments have been targeted specifically to address the modern demands for mobility in the workplace.  Not only have we continued to make strides in the functionality and performance of our standard end-user search via our EAS Outlook Plugin, but we have also worked to deliver the same quality of Enterprise Search with our EAS Anywhere application.  Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our dedicated EAS Mobile application as part of our EAS 9.0 offering for users leveraging both iOS and Android devices.  

In discussion with our worldwide customer base, this need for enhanced mobile access became ever more apparent, and we have answered the call by delivering our all-new EAS Mobile applications for iOS and Android.  EAS users are now provided with the power of their archived information right at their fingerprints via expedient search and retrieval, so they can find that one piece of critical information, whenever the need may arise.  Whether headed into the courthouse, on the way to make an important sales presentation, or in need of that one key piece of information while working in the field, your end-users will be empowered to make informed, data-driven decisions to drive the business forward with EAS 9.0 mobile.  

Get EAS Mobile Today

To provide your employees with unmatched productivity in enterprise search on-the-go, call your EAS account manager to learn more about getting EAS Mobile today.

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