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Unrivaled Post-Archival Data Management

With the proliferation of new collaboration platforms and devices creating data, the acute need for solutions to empower enterprises to take control of the data chaos has never been more pressing.  As we have shared in prior briefs, compounding on top of the never-ending flow of data is the increased regulations being implemented by countries across the globe.  Operating and managing data within a multi-national enterprise has never been more challenging.  As the world’s foremost data archivists, our never-ending commitment is to empower our customers with solutions to maximize the value of their data assets.  Not only do we provide a highly extensible means of archiving a wide array of data types, but our EAS Storage Manager [commonly referred to as STORM] provides unrivaled management of archive data for storage optimization, automated data sovereignty enforcement, compliant disposition, and critical capabilities for fulfilling subject access requests for GDPR compliance.


STORM Basics

EAS Storage Manager has four core principles that drive the workflow for managing your archive data:  Rules, Tasks, Previews, and Executions.


  • Rules define what you would like to do with the data, based on specific metadata attributes. 

  • Tasks outline the actions you would like the system to perform based on the rules [Copy, Move, Export, Purge, extend retention, etc.].

  • Previews enable you to test your rules and tasks to ensure that you receive the desired outcome. 

  • Executions run the rules and tasks against your archive data. 


Together, these principle components deliver critical management of your archive data.  In addition to these components, the EAS Storage Manager has a built-in scheduler to execute the above tasks to automatically manage data as your enterprise requires.      


Storage Optimization

One of the benefits of cloud computing is the accessibility of inexpensive raw storage.  EAS Storage Manager enables enterprises to take advantage of these cloud-based storage repositories by facilitating seamless rules-based movements of their on-premise archive stores to the cloud. EAS Storage Manager makes it easy to use tiered storage such as secure, higher-performance onsite storage for recent data or provides the ability to leverage the scalability, convenience, and economics of cloud storage for longer-term archiving.  The flexibility to intelligently store data where you would like to, based on automated rule sets, alleviates management and administration from your team and ensures your data is as hot or cool as you need it.  EAS supports Elastic Cloud Storage [ECS] as well as Azure Blob cloud storage.  Supportability for other cloud-based storage platforms is planned for future releases.


Data Sovereignty and GDPR

Data privacy regulations such as the GDPR have taken proactive data management to a new level.  Enterprises need to be mindful of where data resides and ensure that they are continuously managing their data in alignment with their long term preservation policies.  EAS Storage manager supports data sovereignty by design, providing enterprises with the ability to intelligently archive content to specific geographic locations.  Automated rules can be set to move or maintain users on different storage assets, based on location or department.  Furthermore, should there be a need to delete a user’s data for a “Right to be Forgotten” request under the GDPR, EAS Storage Manager makes this request easy to execute.


Storage Manager Highlights


  • Enforce Legal Holds.  Apply and enforce legal holds to secure and preserve data.  Suspend deletion of content for eDiscovery via targeted keywords or metadata, or simply and easily lock down the content for an entire custodian or department.

  • Defensible Disposition.  Enable defensible disposition of large quantities of data using automated, rule-based categorization, and tagging.  Evaluate the effectiveness and precision of your rules through previews, providing additional defensibility and confidence in your deletion and purging activities. 

  • Manage EU Privacy Concerns.  Fulfill challenging European Union privacy regulations and other record management needs with the enhanced capabilities and flexibility found only with EAS.  Eliminate your risks associated with this new information governance challenge.

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With its one-of-a-kind post-archival management, EAS Storage Manager provides ongoing value to manage your ever-growing data, adhere to data compliance regulations, and manage your legal matters with confidence.  Contact your dedicated account manager today to learn more about how EAS Storage Manager will help your organization take control over your archive footprint and combat the effects of Big Data in the Information Age.

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