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While digital transformation has improved the way we work and interact, it has also made technology more invasive than ever before.  To protect the privacy of consumers and employees, regulations have been put in place defining how enterprises use and store personal information for long-term retention.  The introduction of GDPR has set the precedent for how organizations must appropriately manage and justify the collection of the wide-ranging Personally Identifiable Information [PII] in their IT environments.  Although this regulation has been in effect since May of 2018, organizations continue to struggle to gain a proper understanding of this regulation’s implications. Furthermore, they continue to struggle with the implementation of policies, procedures, and the means to efficiently respond to Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs].

Our PremCloud Services Legal experts have been certified by highly respected privacy associations to provide our customers with premier GDPR consultations.  We will implement best practices in maintaining compliance with this modern regulation. All enterprises operating in today’s global environment must develop a holistic understanding of and strategy for substantiating compliance, especially as data privacy and personal data regulations are being generated at an ever-increasing rate.  The time to establish a GDPR solution is now, and our PremCloud Services solutions and services are here to help our customers with this business-critical undertaking.

DPOaaS [Data Protection Officer as a Service] 

The General Data Protection Regulation [commonly known as GDPR] is forcing organizations to critically evaluate their data governance programs.  The breadth of the impact of the GDPR is expansive. Even those companies that are not directly impacted will likely be impacted by their third party supplier relationships.  This regulation has extended unprecedented rights to data subjects, requiring organizations to reassess or implement controls, policies, processes, people, and technical solutions to adhere to these standards. 


One of the more challenging requirements to fulfill is the successful implementation of a Data Protection Officer [DPO].  The role of the DPO encompasses not only understanding the means, mechanisms, and purposes for processing or preserving data within in an organization, but also advising the organization on privacy and compliance matters, and acting as a liaison between the organization and regulatory bodies. 


It is recommended that all controllers and processors of data have a DPO in some capacity, but the GDPR requires an organization to appoint a DPO if:


  • The organization is classified as a public authority. 

  • The organization’s business activities require the monitoring of data subjects regularly. 

  • The nature of the data you collect is sensitive in nature. 


Failure to designate a DPO may result in a compliance infraction, which carries potentially significant financial fines and reputational damage. Organizations that don’t have the in house expertise, the time, or the resources to train existing legal and compliance professionals to address these privacy mandates, can look to the Unified Global Archivings Data Protection Officer as a Service offering to serve as their DPO.  


UGA provides a certified privacy officer to serve as your organization’s DPO complete with consultation, administration, and technical solutions to implement a mature privacy program. DPOaaS includes:


  • Consultation and overview of current privacy policies and procedures

  • Policy & Administrative Templates:

    • Privacy Policy

    • Cookie Policy

    • Cyber Security Policy

    • Data Governance Policy

  • Contract Templates: Review of existing contracts with proposed suggestions to strengthen the contractual language. Contract assessment can be conducted for both internal and 3rd party agreements. 

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA): UGA will provide a smart questionnaire template to assess and measure the privacy implications of current and new applications or business services.

  • Employee Training: Security Awareness training tailored to educate employees on privacy infractions and how to properly manage sensitive data. 

Privacy regulations are here to stay. Focus your energy on building your business and let UGA ensure you confidently manage your data privacy concerns. Please contact Alexis Pietraszkiewicz, Director of Legal Services, or JJ Contessa, Chief Products Officer, to get your exclusive consultation. 

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