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PremCloud Managed Services
Considering the complexities that come from modern archiving [i.e. the management of global deployments, ingestion of new content types, and increasingly complex retention-setting], IT personnel are tasked with understanding an entire niche skill set in order to properly manage their on-premise archive environment.  As this burden weighs heavily on various IT departments lacking the resources for specialized management, our PremCloud Services team is proud to offer On-Premise Managed Services to solve this critical issue for so many organizations.  With the professional management of your archive environment, our team assumes the niche responsibilities of your deployment’s upkeep; furthermore, we ensure the optimal operation of your archive on a continual basis.

Designing Your Managed Services
The most beneficial aspect of our PremCloud Managed Services is that you define which services we provide to your organization.  Typical engagements include services provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and as-needed basis; however, you design the optimal combination of our offerings per your specific requirements.  Some enterprises need more thorough management of their environment on a weekly or even daily basis, and others prefer a monthly maintenance schedule for a less-demanding deployment.  The most common components structured in our PremCloud Managed Services arrangements include:

  • Daily system checks to review archiving, indexing, and backups.

  • Two annual updates and patches to the software as they are released [one major and one minor].

  • Two annual training sessions for end-users or administrators.

  • Assistance in executing legal searches in the archive, including legal attestations.

  • Assistance with routine tasks such as the management of administrative and Discovery permissions, as well as journal rule and mail crawl configurations.

Transitioning to Managed Services
While each organization has a unique set of needs, we make it as easy as possible to adopt the optimal combination of Managed Services to maximize your operational efficiencies.  You determine which services we provide, and you also determine the frequency of routinely-performed activities to best enable your archive usage.  Essentially, you decide which aspects of your deployment you no longer want to have responsibilities managing, and our PremCloud Managed Services will handle the rest.  If the process of onboarding additional users has deterred your organization from delivering the power of EAS to your complete workforce, our On-Premise Managed Services is the perfect program for you.  Spend more time on your business-critical activities to support your strategic initiatives, and make the transition to Managed Services.  Call your dedicated Account Manager today to get started.

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