Enterprise Archive Solution   I   EAS From the Beginning

Enterprise Archive Solution [EAS] targets, unifies, organizes, and moves big data that is no longer actively used to a securely managed archive for long-term retention, unified access, and maximum future utilization.  This unified archived data consists of older data that is still important to our customers and may be needed for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance [such as the new GDPR regulations], litigation support, tax support, etc.  Our data archives are indexed and have search capabilities so messages, files, and segments of files can be easily located and retrieved.  

Previously called Exchange Archive Solution, EAS was originally developed by EDUCOM TS, Inc., an Ottawa-based software development firm.  The first release of EAS occurred on March 15, 2000.  EAS was sold as commercial software for local [on-premise] installation.  EAS was designed to archive content from Microsoft Exchange to help organizations comply with legal requirements for E-mail retention, to reduce storage load of Microsoft Exchange, improve backup, and for .pst file management.

From 2000 to 2004, EDUCOM released multiple new versions, gained market share, and was eventually acquired by Zantaz, Inc. in 2004.  Over the next year, Zantaz added additional functionality, released version 4.0 and officially renamed the product to Enterprise Archive Solution.

In 2005, EAS was being used by more than 2 million users globally and was a leading solution in the archiving market as characterized by analyst IDC.  In 2007, Zantaz customers included 9 of the 10 top global law firms, 11 of the Fortune 25 and 14 of the top 20 Financial Securities firms.  This legacy of market-leadership remains today.

On July 24, 2007, EAS was acquired by Autonomy, Inc. of Cambridge, UK.  Shortly after the acquisition, Autonomy announced that EAS was integrated with Autonomy’s IDOL search technology.  Gartner repeatedly rated Zantaz and Autonomy's archiving solution as one of the top three in the market.

On October 3, 2011, EAS was acquired by Hewlett Packard, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA.  In order to ensure the ongoing development of EAS for their worldwide customer base, Hewlett Packard chose Capax Discovery as their exclusive licensee in perpetuity for all of their on-premise archive solutions [EAS, CAMM, NearPoint, HPCA].                       

   ---   John Baiocco, Capax EAS Managing Partner


On July 29, 2014, EAS was acquired by Capax Discovery, Inc. headquartered in Williamsville, NY.


EAS Timeline

  • EAS version 1.0 was released March 15, 2000, by Educom

  • EAS was acquired by Zantaz, Inc. on February 18, 2004

  • EAS version 4.0 was released October 19, 2004, by Zantaz

  • EAS acquired by Autonomy on July 24, 2007

  • EAS version 6.1 with IDOL released October 9, 2007, by Autonomy

  • EAS was acquired by HP on Oct 3, 2011

  • EAS version 6.4 was released Nov 22, 2011, by HP

  • EAS was acquired by Capax Discovery on July 29, 2014

  • EAS version 6.8 was released March 30, 2015, by Capax Discovery

  • EAS version 8.0 was released January 1, 2018, by Capax Discovery

  • EAS version 9.0 was released in 2019 by Capax EAS

  • EAS version 10.0 will be released by Capax EAS


  • Augment your adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure with our Microsoft O-Companion Program designed specifically for EAS 10.0.

  • Access your data on-the-go with our brand new dedicated mobile application and our web-based EAS Anywhere.

  • Consolidate your global archives into a single instance of EAS with our flexible and adaptive deployment models, Powered by PremCloud Hosting.

  • Archive all of your data sources into EAS as your single source of truth for federated Search, Discovery, and Supervision.


Activating EAS is Easy

In today’s world of rapidly-increasing data generation and regulation, multinational enterprises are in urgent need of a single, unified repository to store all of their most valuable assets - their data. We officially live in an Information Age, where Data is King;  furthermore, as modern businesses explore all possible avenues to gain the necessary advantage over their competition, they must first consider the data at their disposal.  In order to sustain future monetary success, organizations will undoubtedly rely on the quality of the information in their archives.

EAS [Enterprise Archive Solutions] 9.0 and 10.0 have been developed specifically to address the most stringent demands from modern global enterprises in terms of operational functionality and compliance requirements.  Hundreds of the world’s largest organizations across a multitude of industries leverage EAS today as a critical component of their information governance program. EAS provides a single repository for the long-term storage and management of data generated from emails, file servers, SharePoint, social media applications, instant messaging applications, legacy systems such as SAP, audio and video recordings, etc.  Furthermore, EAS allows enterprises to perform Search, eDiscovery, and Supervision across all of their archived content, no matter where it resides.

EAS 10.0

Aside from the ability to capture a vast range of content types, EAS separates itself as the world’s premier archiving solution in that it now has the ability to be deployed in virtually any capacity. Originally established as the leader in on-premise archiving, EAS 10.0 can now operate in a hosted or hybrid state.  Additionally, EAS 10.0 can be hosted in a variety of locations, including an organization’s private data center, a third-party data center, our PremCloud, and Microsoft Azure. With its hybrid capabilities, multinationals can deploy EAS on-premise for their Japanese division, in a private data center for their German division, in the PremCloud for their U.S. division, in a third-party data center for their South African division, in Microsoft Azure for their Canadian division, and so on.  Regardless of the chosen deployment structure, organizations leveraging EAS have the ability to access and take action on the entirety of their global archive, all through our single total access optic.

The future of EAS is exciting, as we will continue to develop and expand upon core capabilities while innovating to meet the changing demands of tomorrow.  We are committed to building EAS in conjunction with Microsoft services to optimize organizations’ use of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, providing greater accessibility to the archive for both end-users and administrators, offering our customers new deployment capabilities through the leveraging of additional cloud services, and developing new connectors to capture an increasing number of enterprise content types.  Schedule a demo today to learn how EAS can unify your information management practices and help you achieve your long-term organizational goals.

EAS 10.0 Powered by PremCloud does have considerable advantages over our legacy EAS solution. Most importantly, IDOL has been replaced by SOLR for indexing and high-speed reliable retrieval, and the entire architecture has been overhauled to the thin client allowing for easy, secure mobile access.  

Additionally, EAS 10.0 supports all versions of the on-premise Microsoft Exchange.  And EAS 10.0 offers migration-less bridging technologies for unified access to legacy archives such as NearPoint and Veritas Enterprise Vault, along with the industry’s only bi-directional bridge for Microsoft Office 365, our EAS O-Bridge.

   ---   Ronan Curran, Sceven President

With EAS O-Bridge, we provide customers the capability to take advantage of the power and cost advantages of moving the email to Microsoft’s world cloud-based email platform while maintaining the EAS 10.0 unified archive Powered by PremCloud.   This allows customers to gain email cost and administrative efficiencies while maintaining appropriate data sovereignty and control.

EAS 10.0 allows for the unique delivery of our unified archiving capabilities through the PremCloud Services.  Future capabilities will extend our data integration and ingestion and transformation capabilities to all structured and unstructured data types.  

EAS 10.0 is our new proprietary archive solution that can be utilized in an adaptive hosting arrangement Powered by PremCloud.  EAS 10.0 works in an on-premise, hybrid, and hosted environment.

What’s new in EAS 9.0? 

Building on our Microsoft O Companion technology, EAS 9.0 has been enhanced to meet the increasing data demands of large global enterprise users.  We are committed to delivering best-of-breed information archiving services and solutions to our customers, and we are excited to introduce our 2020 strategic software upgrades for EAS 9.0.  Our solutions have been engineered to provide enterprises with complete confidence and assurance that they can compliantly archive, discover, and manage the retention of information throughout the data lifecycle.  EAS 9.0 provides a fully adaptable architecture of hybrid, on-premises, hosted, and hosted-managed deployment models. In addition to these deployment options, we are delivering value and benefit in the following areas. 


Microsoft & iManage Companion Technology 

EAS 9.0 builds upon our recognition and commitment to supporting Microsoft Office 365 as the leader in enterprise cloud computing and collaboration by adding key capabilities which enhance and augment the way our customers adopt and leverage Microsoft Azure services, such as: 


  • Ability to utilize Azure Blob Storage for archiving data. 

  • Ability to deploy your EAS deployment in the Azure cloud. 

  • Advanced integration between EAS and iManage with the EAS iManage sync tool.


Future releases of EAS will provide full integration for advanced components of Azure, including: 


  • Azure SQL fabric integration.

  • Azure AD integration. 

  • Azure Web Services, thus eliminating the dependency on IIS Servers.  


Search & Discovery Enhancements 

Powered by customer testimonials and feedback from two of the AM top 10 leading global law firms, we have included a number of enhancements to improve the end-user experience and add workflow efficiency for our Enterprise Search and Discovery capabilities. These include:


Custodian Selection for Discovery.  The export process has been updated to support .pst exports by custodian while retaining the Outlook folder structure [.pst exports will be limited to only the custodians selected as objects in the case].  Furthermore, if custodians identified in a case have added all relevant matter for a legal investigation to a specific folder in Outlook, Discovery users will be able to search on the individual custodian’s Outlook folder structure. 


Advanced Search Builder.  EAS Discovery’s new search builder provides advanced search functionality and the ability to easily create complex queries between search fields.  This capability drastically reduces the time to execute the discovery process by automating the generation of search queries; furthermore, it allows non-IT users to execute complex searches containing numerous search terms without possessing any knowledge of EAS syntax.


Hit Highlighting.  The EAS Discovery preview panels will now show where key terms or custodians have been identified in the case matter by highlighting.  This will help reviewers easily identify where relevant search terms/custodians appear in culled down search results. 


UI and UX enhancements.  The refreshed UI and UX provide end-users with more control to adjust field and panel sizes to optimize their experience and use of EAS Discovery. 


Client and Mobile Workforce Enhancements

Today’s workforce demands mobility.  Work is more commonly being performed from mobile devices and on the go than desktops and office settings.  We recognize the need for our enterprise clients to have a number of access points to their most valuable resource, their data, whether they are at the office, heading into the courtroom, or working on the go.  This release includes enhancements to our EAS Anywhere application, as well as the release of our new dedicated mobile application: 


  • Panel resize banner-free view functionality and removal of double line entries in EAS Anywhere. 

  • Customizable visibility for non-archived content types in the Anywhere application. 

  • Dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS. 

  • Outlook client add-in for Mac users. 


Many of these enhancements are the result of collaboration with our customers, and we welcome your continued feedback and input.

EAS Top 10's


EAS 9.0

  1. Federated Enterprise Search, eDiscovery, Supervision, and Intelligent Retention

  2. Microsoft O-Companion for Office 365

  3. Unified global environment integrated with EAS 10.0’s Adaptive Hosting

  4. Parent/Child architecture for unlimited scalability

  5. EAS Mobile for iOS and Android

  6. EAS Discovery’s Advanced Search Builder

  7. Outlook Search Add-in for Mac

  8. EAS Connect

  9. SMS and MMS archiving

  10. Expanded migrations to EAS


EAS Discovery

  1. Advanced Search Builder

  2. Hit-highlighting

  3. Global Search

  4. Single Custodian Folder Structure Discovery

  5. Single Custodian Folder Structure Export

  6. New export formats

  7. Built-in workflow to cull down results

  8. Discovery Roles and Permissions

  9. Data always maintained within the application

  10. Friendly User Interface


EAS Outlook Search Add-in

  1. Integration with Outlook for Mac [in addition to Windows]

  2. Integration with OWA [Outlook Web Access]

  3. Federated search across all content types

  4. Ability to search a single content type

  5. Actionability on retrieved objects

  6. Search for name/subject line

  7. Search for email/file contents

  8. Search for files with attachments [and identification of objects with attachments]

  9. Search for types of attachments

  10. Search for contents of attachments

EAS Mobile

  1. Supportability for iOS and Android devices

  2. Friendly User Interface for email browsing

  3. Auto-Refresh when reloading the application

  4. Persistent Outlook folder structure

  5. Integration with enterprise MDM solutions such as AirWatch and MobileIron

  6. Federated search across all content types

  7. Granular search mirroring the EAS Outlook Search Plugin functionality

  8. Secure user login

  9. Supportability for Face and Touch ID

  10. Easy identification of objects with attachments


EAS Anywhere

  1. Redesigned thin-client application

  2. Access from any supported web browser

  3. Supports mobile access

  4. Outlook folder structure retained

  5. Friendly User Interface for email browsing

  6. Customizable User Interface

  7. Ability to customize the default language [i.e. English to Spanish]

  8. Federated search across all content types

  9. Granular search mirroring the EAS Outlook Search Plugin functionality

  10. Actionability on archived content


EAS Storage Manager

  1. One-of-a-kind federated post-archival management application

  2. Maintain compliance with data sovereignty regulations

  3. Move data from one geographic location to another

  4. Transfer data from an on-premise server to a hosted server

  5. Copy data for strategic redundancy

  6. Set new retention

  7. Alter existing retention

  8. Purge expired content

  9. Export selected content

  10. Manage data in various tiers of storage for optimized cost-efficiency


EAS Supervisor

  1. Federated supervision across all content types

  2. Maintain compliant record-keeping with financial regulatory authorities

  3. Promote an enhanced corporate culture

  4. Mitigate the risk of unacceptable employee behavior

  5. Prevent intellectual property from leaving your organization

  6. Identify early signs of sexual harassment and prevent the need for legal action

  7. Configure an unlimited number of keywords/phrases for supervision

  8. Categorize keywords/phrases into different lexicons for organizational efficiency

  9. Allow reviewers to confirm the validity of flagged content

  10. Leverage audit reports logging the reviewers’ actions

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