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Digital Transformation

Every enterprise is in the planning stages of or in the middle of executing on a digital transformation program.  At the core of these programs is the modernization of legacy applications, automation of business processes, assessment of Cloud/SaaS-based solutions, and globally digitizing enterprise collaboration.  Enterprises are introducing a myriad of new solutions for instant messaging/chat, video teleconferencing, file sharing, scheduling, and collaboration aimed at improving employee productivity no matter where they are working from.  With the growing number of collaboration applications in use and increasing regulation surrounding data retention and the handling of Personally Identifiable Information [PII], organizations are challenged to effectively govern and secure all of these data sources at the same pace at which the respective business units want to onboard them.  


To address these challenges, PremCloud has developed our groundbreaking data lifecycle management platform solution, PremCloud Connect.  PremCloud Connect provides enterprise customers the instant ability to implement the compliant capture of collaboration messaging content from all major enterprise collaboration platforms.  This capability empowers our enterprise customers to confidently onboard new collaboration platforms rapidly and compliantly.  


Agnostic Framework

Unlike other solutions in the market place which offer only a select number of data sources, output formats, and target repositories, PremCloud Connect offers an agnostic connector framework empowering enterprises with configurable outputs and targets.  As a modular standalone solution for the compliant collection of data, PremCloud Connect works “out-of-the-box” with the most commonly deployed enterprise social media, instant messaging, and collaboration platforms.  It can be provisioned on-premises, in your cloud infrastructure, or it can be delivered as a fully managed cloud service by the PremCloud team.  PremCloud Connect is fully extensible and the Connect Management Console allows you to quickly and easily set up data channels to manage a wide range of sources including Teams, Skype for Business, Web Content, Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, Linkedin and many more.


PremCloud Connect stands alone in its ability to capture content from a wide range of enterprise platforms and to compliantly deliver data to a wide array of targets that include third-party archiving, storage platforms, supervision or analytics tools, data lakes, proprietary cloud technologies, or your own downstream augmentation of the data through the PremCloud Connect API.  Data is presented to these targets in a native or containerized format [Native MSG, EML, JSON, XML, and more].  Use cases include [but are not limited to] compliant messaging and collaboration capture, application retirement, legacy data storage conversion/move, archive migration/consolidation, cloud to cloud migration, or federated data management.  With PremCloud Connect, enterprise IT/compliance teams can confidently support the onboarding of new collaboration applications without worry of the compliant preservation and capture challenges. 


Rapid Microsoft Teams Adoption

With the accelerated transition of enterprise digitization and remote collaboration, Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the collaboration platform of choice for large global enterprises.  Adoption continues to grow rapidly with an estimated 100 million users worldwide taking advantage of Microsoft’s leading business collaboration platform and the power of Microsoft 365.  This trend is set to continue with approximately 300 million live seats in Microsoft 365 right now, which include access to Microsoft Teams.  With two-thirds of Teams users interacting and collaborating with files within the platform, the challenges associated with these expanding channels of communication and the related data sprawl will undoubtedly increase in scale and complexity.  Organizations required to comply with regulations from the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and other regulatory bodies are mandated to manage, preserve, and discover across the entire Microsoft data landscape, not just Exchange. 


PremCloud Connect for Microsoft Teams

PremCloud Connect delivers efficient and compliant management of all of your Microsoft Teams communications and content, ensuring your organization is operating in complete alignment with all eDiscovery preparedness requirements and regulatory statutes.  The PremCloud Connect for Teams connector provides unprecedented capabilities allowing your organization to harness and govern all of the critical communications and data within Microsoft Teams, including 1:1 chats, group chats, shared files, and library files.  Our Policy Engine allows you to customize and automate the entire ingest and transformation workflow.  Extensive customizations can be applied for profiling the collection of channel data, the output formats, and the target destination of your Microsoft Teams data.  


Managed Services

The management of your organization’s connector framework may sound like a daunting responsibility to assume; however, our PremCloud Services team will deliver PremCloud Connect as a managed service.  We can host and manage PremCloud Connect for your organization and we will ensure the continual transformation of data from the desired data source and subsequent ingestion into the target destination.  Connector management can be handled on a case-by-case basis or bundled packages are available. 


Call Us Today

Industry analysts predict that by the end of 2020, 90% of all regulated organizations will preserve messaging content other than email, up from less than 50% today.  Call your dedicated account manager today to discuss how PremCloud Connect can be used to transform information generated from your various data sources. 


PremCloud Connect FAQs


  1. What content types does PremCloud Connect support today?
    PremCloud Connect currently supports over 80 connectors, such as Teams, Skype for Business, Web Content, Salesforce, and Zoom.  New connectors are being onboarded rapidly. 

  2. Does PremCloud Connect have to be deployed on-premise?
    No, PremCloud Connect can be deployed in a cloud environment.

  3. Can PremCloud Connect automate the capturing of content with a schedule?
    Yes, PremCloud Connect allows users to customize the scheduling of all data capture for tailored automation.

  4. What type of content can PremCloud Connect capture from Microsoft Teams?
    PremCloud Connect captures 1:1 chats, group chats, shared files, and library files.

  5. How do you capture newly-created Teams channels as they are generated at random?
    PremCloud Connect provides the ability to auto-enroll new Teams channels as they are created.

  6. Can PremCloud Connect be used as a backup tool to restore data in its native application?
    Yes, although PremCloud Connect itself does not act as a storage repository, it can send stored or archived information back to its native format in the source repository from which it came.

  7. Is it possible to introduce third-party processing applications, such as virus-detection software, to the PremCloud Connect workflow?
    Yes, PremCloud Connect’s workflow is highly configurable and can allow for data processing with third-party applications before ingesting data into the target destination.

  8. What if PremCloud Connect does not currently support my desired connector?
    Contact your dedicated account manager today to discuss any connector questions you may have, and our Sceven development team will engineer virtually any integration from any data source that PremCloud Connect does not currently support.

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